#3 It’s Okay To Be Vulnerable #LessonsLearned on Klimanjaro

We live in a time where asking for help is almost not acceptable in society. It is frowned upon and is seen as a sign of weakness. No matter how we might be struggling inside or just trying to keep up with daily demands, we need to face the world as if we have everything... Continue Reading →


#2 It’s Really Not What You Have That Matters #LessonsLearned on Kilimanjaro

Our trek started on 4 August. The morning before setting off was the last hot shower we would have, and the last buffet breakfast we could pick from until we returned on the 9 August, coinciding with Womens Day, a public holiday in South Africa. By the first night, reality set in for me when... Continue Reading →

Trekking Mt Kilimanjaro

Three weeks ago today, I summited the highest free standing mountain in the world, "The Roof of Africa" Mount Kilimanjaro, 5898m above mean sea level. This was by far, one of the most memorable days of my life, as this was not just a childhood dream, but I also got to raise funds for charity.... Continue Reading →

The Surfboard

I remember seeing pictures of this spot when I first started out hiking. It wasn't until a few weeks ago whilst training with Kilimanjaro team that I found myself there. I was delighted to have found it, but I was a little disappointed that Mr wasn't with me to have experienced it together. I promised... Continue Reading →

Sunrise vs Sunset

I absolutely love sunsets! It's the most mesmerizing time of day and the Cape is not short of beautiful sunsets. It gives you that assurance that everything has a place and time, like the sun came up earlier, it will set, and simply rise again. I have, however, started to appreciate sunrises more. It wasn't... Continue Reading →

Meeting New People

I've discovered so much about myself after moving to Cape Town, that it sometimes feels like I've been living someone else's life all along. I've always believed myself to be an extrovert, but on my journey to self discovery, I realised that I truly am an introvert and quite happy to be one. Making new... Continue Reading →

From Cape to Kili

Just two months ago, hiking was just a pastime over the weekends, if the Mr and I felt up to it. Needless to say, we had more off weekends than on. Exactly a month ago, I decided to participate in the annual fundraiser "Kilimanjaro Challenge", that the NGO I work for hosts. It was something... Continue Reading →

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